AS KAJAX FISHEXPORT is established in February, 1994. The company is situated in Audru parish, Pärnu, Liu Village. The location of the building is directly from the Pärnu Gulf Coast witch allows to obtain the raw materials directly from the fishermen.

Among the main suppliers of the region is also the biggest in the region AS Hiiu Kalur, who is also a shareholder of AS Kajax Fishexport. The production building has 4 freezing chambers, each of them can accommodate an average of 20 tonnes of raw materials. Freeze blocks up to-18 ° С takes 6-7 hours. Fish sorting, freezing and packing takes place on the contemporary and the highly-qualified devices from Europe.

The company’s long-term experience with the introduction of new technologies to ensure impeccable quality of the production.

Throughout the process, starting with the arrival of the raw material, its processing, packing, and ending with the storing of the finished product, the loading takes place under constant supervision by trained professionals.

The manufacturing and processes comply with the requirements of the European Union and the Russian Federation, the precepts of the Customs Union.

40% of all fish processing goes broad production. Broad is treated with a special technology in use is unique to the company, under the exclusive spice mixtures.

The company’s annual production is more than 9000 tons, the output will be exported to Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Kazakhstan, Finland, China.

Long-term and stable partnerships with suppliers of raw materials has allowed the company to KAJAX FISHEXPORT achieve and maintain a leader in wholesale trade.